One Promise. Three Friends. The Trip of a Lifetime.


Going Distance for Brother

Childhood buddies Justin Jarrett and Kylar Krebs passed through Columbus yesterday on Day 57 of their cross-country bike ride. A third friend, Aaron Klinger, should have been with them. The 3,000-mile journey from the West Coast to the East Coast, after all, was a post-college…

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Bonus Footage: The Premiere

For Aaron Packs MHS for Premiere

Jarrett hopes the documentary “will show the length friends and loved ones go for one another and that death isn’t the end of a freindship — if anything it’s the beginning and to feel hopeful to live each day to the fullest. They shouldn’t be…

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For Aaron Wins Best Documentary in New Hope

“For Aaron: The Documentary” won the Audience Choice – Best Documentary prize as well as the Artistic Spirit award, which was given out for exceptional artistic value on a modest budget. Geoff Piraino and Travis Capacete, both of whom worked on this film, explained that…

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