One Promise. Three Friends. The Trip of a Lifetime.

Writer + Director

While only 25 years old, Justin Jarrett has already begun to establish himself as a Director/Producer with a unique vision and a knack for clever storytelling. This Award-Winning Director & Philadelphia resident, is making his feature length film directorial debut with For Aaron: The Documentary.

He studied film at Penn State University and worked for sports entertainment icon, NBA Entertainment & NFL Films before starting his own media production company, JTWO FILMS in 2009 with editor and fellow producer Travis Capacete (NFL Films, Shooters, Dive). He has become a cross platform storyteller for companies like FullCircle Intermedia.  Jarrett has taken refuge in his filmmaking mantra of  “Projects That Matter” with the goal of exploring media that inspires change in the social landscape of the world while remaining equally entertaining.

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Executive Producer

James Brown is an Emmy Award winning Television Personality and Host who can be seen on CBS’s NFL Today and Showtime’s Inside the NFL. He is also an author (Role of a Lifetime: Reflections on Faith, Family and Significant Living) and was recently named Sports Illustrated’s “Best Studio Host of the Decade.”

As Executive Producer of For Aaron: The Documentary, “JB” has had emotional ties to the project.  In 2006, after the passing of his mother, Brown made a conscious effort to be closer to his family and continue to make a difference in the lives of others.  Inspired by the friendship captured in the film, He believes that this movie will change the way people look at the meaning of “brotherhood” and friendship.

Production  Company

JTwo is a full-service media producing menace. Founded in 2007 by Justin Jarrett + Travis Capacete, JTwo began as an independent film production company. Since our inception we have grown to incorporate all forms of media production. Consisting of award-winning filmmakers known for their innovative and creative journalistic approach, web designers on the cutting edge, graphic artists & photographers that view the world as their playground, and marketing minds who continue to push the envelope in their industry….JTwo is an incubator for talent that produces real results.

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